How Can I Create a More Genuine Brand Voice?

brand strategy

As it becomes easier to create an online business, the business landscape becomes more competitive. Now, having a genuine brand voice is more critical than ever. This can easily set you apart from the competition and it ensures that customers remember you. Use these tips when creating a brand voice to help increase revenue.


It’s essential to remain consistent when developing a brand strategy. According to Zippia, you can increase revenue by up to 35% with a consistent brand strategy. That means that your brand voice should remain similar throughout all communications. This includes email, newsletters, website pages, blog posts, and more.


Today, more readers want authenticity. As Generation Z slowly gets more purchasing power, we’re realizing old forms of marketing don’t work anymore. This generation ignores banner ads, and they don’t care how magical a product is. Instead, they want a brand they can trust. They want authenticity. Tell your story. Speak to them like you’re speaking to a friend.

No Jargon

Avoid using industry slang that people who don’t work in the industry won’t understand. It would help if you also avoided jargon that is trending because language constantly changes over time. You’d have to edit everything once the terms you’ve used become outdated. This also makes you unrelatable to generations who don’t use that term. As we mentioned before, imagine that you’re speaking to a friend instead of trying to seem hip.


Before doing a single thing, knowing your target audience is essential. Generation Z will relate to a different voice compared to baby boomers. You can only connect to your audience if you know who they are. Work with a marketing agency to determine who your target audience is. After that, develop a way to address that audience. This can help you sound more genuine.


When writing for an audience, it’s essential to show empathy. This means recognizing and understanding the feelings of your customers and seeing them as people. Empathy makes you more relatable and genuine to every audience.

These are just a few tips to help you create your brand voice. We understand that developing a brand strategy can be challenging, which is why we’re here to help. Our marketing experts have the experience you need to achieve your desired results. Contact us at McGuinness Media & Marketing to learn more about how we can help you today.