About Us

McGuinness Media is a certified woman-owned marketing agency based in Rhode Island, and for over 12 years, one of the top advertising agencies in Rhode Island that is making big waves in the smallest state. What began as solely a media buying and planning firm, has evolved over the years to meet our client’s needs and support our clients in any way we can, including being a top marketing agency in RI. We will build strategic, targeted, integrated, and personalized media plans for you. Then we can help you execute those plans too – with a new website, a social media strategy, a television spot, event marketing, and more.

We like to call ourselves a “fulltique” agency. We are ‘full-service’, in that we can deliver fully integrated marketing and advertising solutions in-house. We have the talent, the tools, the software and the process that allows our team to focus on the day-to-day projects, campaigns, budgets and strategy. And therefore allows YOU to focus on your business. Yet we are ‘fulltique’, because we provide very customized service and a personalized approach to your marketing needs like only a boutique agency can.

We invest time in building relationships with our clients, which is why we’ve been voted as one of the best advertising agencies in Rhode Island. This is also why a majority of our client base has been referred to us, and why we have a an incredibly high retention rate. We are good at what we do and we absolutely love doing it. So just warning you now – you will invite us to your house for parties. We will laugh – a lot. We will meet your parents and kids. We will earn your trust and your friendship. And most importantly, we will become true partners as we help each other’s business thrive.

WHY Work
With us?

From startups and non-profits to regional companies and global corporations, we can help you meet your marketing goals. We serve a wide range of industries including gaming, retail, hospitality, cosmetic & regenerative services, sports betting, financial, landscaping, wholesale, janitorial, and more. Are you ready to work with our influencer marketing agency in RI?

With services that make an impact. We can shoot it. We can design it. We can build it. And then we can ensure the right people know about it. Whatever marketing or advertising challenges your company has, MMM has a solution.