4 Things to Include on Your Business’s Website

You might have a great product or service, but if none can find it, you’re in trouble. Your online presence speaks a ton about your value. And the first thing people notice is your website. According to Forbes, about 71% of businesses own a website. So, why shouldn’t you? Here are seven elements to add to your website.

1. Navigation

User-friendly website design has made small businesses scale to heights. It’s because people love to use simple and elegant interfaces. You can have a singular or a spread-out menu. Or you can use the sub-menus to highlight important events. The point is, whatever you do, keep it simple.

Users should be able to navigate without feeling lost. For this reason, apply colors that guide them through the site. For example, use tones to highlight primary sections. These allow the users to move through site sections accordingly.

2. About Us

Whether your business is well-known or not, an about us page is mandatory. It lets your audience connect with you and your business. Use this space to share inspiring stories, your history, and your passion for the product. However, make sure to keep it short. Use reader-friendly language and skimmable texts. You can also add your vision and mission statements to make it credible for the audience.

3. Contact Information

Generally, the contact information is on the top menu in the right corner. But there’s no hard and fast rule regarding the placement. You can even center it for added effect. This page is the most crucial for people to get in touch. Hence, make it trustworthy and easy to fill out. Only ask for important information like email addresses and names. You can have a comments/inquiry section to understand their requirements better. If your business requires additional information, your website design firm might be able to help you.

4. Call-to-Action

Much like contact information, the audience must know where to go next. It’s crucial to guide the audience by adding call-to-action buttons. It could be as simple as ‘Get in touch with us’ or ‘Download this free e-book.’

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