4 Animation Trends to Expect in Video Marketing in 2024

The concept of video marketing services has become very popular in recent years and has helped transform web page design in many ways. For example, animations and other videos have become very popular on faster-running and more efficient websites. Here are four things that you can expect to take over the industry in 2024 and why each of these concepts is so important to take seriously.

1. Landing Page Videos

Landing page videos have become particularly important in recent years. According to LinkedIn, these videos can increase your conversion rates by an astonishing 80%. The video types don’t matter too much as animations have become very popular alongside live videos. No matter what type you integrate, it’s important to make sure you find some that fit your needs as well as possible.

2. AI-Assisted Design

AI is everywhere these days, from writing to picture design, so you can bet that video marketing services will rely on intelligent AI implementation. Animations aren’t likely to get taken over entirely by AI — they’re still far too crude for that — but to help handle some basic storyboarding and create artwork quickly. You and your team will still need expert animation professionals to do the hard work for you.

3. Realistic Designs

While animations may seem cute and fun to add to your site, there’s been a growing movement towards increasing realism in the last few years. By this, we mean that people are designing to make their animations more like real life in order to streamline their look and feel. It’s important to contact us about this process to make it more effective and to minimize any concerns that might impact you.

4. Streamlined Integration

Anticipate videos like these to become very well integrated and streamlined in websites. Animations are likely to utilize condensed coding concepts and more effective processing to minimize implementation time and improve their usage. The goal of this process is to ensure that your video marketing services run efficiently and to cut down on any extra time you spend uploading them.

If you’re interested in this type of service, it’s important to reach out to a team that you can trust to handle it for you. Our crew at McGuinness Media & Marketing can talk to you about the unique video and animation designs that fit your website and will work hard to satisfy you. Get in touch with us today.