3 Ways to Bring Your Website Design Into 2023

If your website design is starting to feel dated to you, site visitors are probably feeling the same way. According to Zippia, nearly all consumers, 99% of them, use the internet to find local businesses. This means that your company might be missing out on new business if your website is stale and uninviting. Here are a few ways to make your site feel fresh and exciting.

1. Customized Fonts

Any company that wants a strong brand presence should consider a customized font. This will set your company apart and create a memorable experience across a variety of mediums and platforms. The use of a custom font is another tool that many more businesses are using as part of both their digital and print media. When a custom font is coupled with a strong logo and color combination, the result is unforgettable, making your brand profile exciting and inviting.

2. Straightforward Mini-Sites

Do you own or operate a business that doesn’t have much of a need for a strong online presence? Mini-sites are becoming more and more popular as businesses that don’t rely very much on an online presence understand the need to at least have an information footprint. A mini-site is a well-designed and executed site that includes contact information, branding, and some amount of storytelling about your company’s products and services. Everyone needs to have some type of web presence so that potential customers can find necessary contact details and information about what the firm offers, even if nothing is bought, sold, or converted online.

3. Focused Engagement

If you rely on your website to attract and convert customers, the more interactive it is, the better. Of course, the engagement tools need to be focused and useful. These effects are visually engaging, provide important information, and draw the user deeper into the site. This could be as simple as text that changes color when the user hovers over it, or as complex as a high number of clickable links and scrolling opportunities. The right design company can help you create a site experience that’s both engaging and profitable.

Even as trends come and go, solid website design practices are a must year after year. If it’s time to update your website design or reimagine it completely, we’re the company to call. Contact McGuinness Media & Marketing today and let’s begin a conversation!