3 Marketing and Design Trends That Are Not as Successful as Expected

Even the best marketing strategies executed by a top design company can’t 100% guarantee growth. There are a number of recent digital marketing and website design trends that have failed to meet expectations. If your efforts haven’t yielded the results you want, you may be implementing one of these unsuccessful trends. According to Exploding Topics, when consumers were polled about the use of strategies that mock a company’s competitors, two-thirds reported finding this approach annoying. This is just one example of an approach that doesn’t work. Let’s take a look at a few more.

1. Too Much Video Content

There was a moment when video content was all the rage. Website design company advisors were on board with using this medium to reach potential customers in a new and dynamic way. Unfortunately, this approach has lost popularity due to not being able to deliver results. This is suspected to be due to the heavy use of mobile devices to access content. While thoughtfully placed videos can add to your site, be careful not to be too excessive with the use of this medium.

2. Celebrity Endorsements

Once the preferred way to elevate a product, the endorsement of celebrities is the decline. Today’s consumer values authenticity, and when a celebrity endorses a large number of products or services, the impact is significantly lessened. Trying to reach customers by using a familiar face often brings up questions about the spokesperson actually using the product and their appropriateness as an endorser. Today’s consumers would rather hear from real people who actually use and enjoy a service or product, highlighting satisfied customer reviews.

3. Excessive Filters

Websites or social media profiles can sometimes come across as too designed and slick. Once at the top of everyone’s preference list, the use of excessive filters has fallen by the wayside. Again, today’s buzzwords are authenticity and integrity. Filters may be visually pleasing, but they can make the content seem overly produced and sales-driven. A simple, straightforward approach is a much more effective way to reach prospective customers and convert them. Now’s an ideal time to fully review your site to determine if all the strategies it’s using are effective. Digital marketing trends can change overnight, and it’s important to keep up.

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